Demorian ( SWE )

Hailing from the cold lands of Sweden, Demorian was founded in 2001 (but ended up on ice until 2007) by Satanic Tony and Alltears. Both previous masterminds of the Doom/Death band Tragic Serenade, decided  it was time to bring some oldschool metal to todays scene. Said and done first song ”Emily” was recorded and landed a deal with the Mexican label Azermedoth Records wich resulted in the debut album ”Back to the glorius past”, released in 2009 in co-operation with Satanic Tonys label Salute Records. Since then Demorian has roamed the underground scene releasing splits etc building a solid reputation.

Pripyat Angels Free CoverDemorians sound varied alot, from folk-music to raw ”Black metal” until 2011 when it was decided that Alltears should write all songs for Demorian as Satanic Tony had his label and other projects going! Demorians sound is still drifting between genres but not as much as before, ending up mostly in the industrial/goth area. This change resulted in the single “Pripyat Angels” released both as Free download and on Satanica (with Blutengel cover song).

2012 was a great year for Demorian. The release of “Excerpt from a diary” on Satanica was very well recieved both by critics and fans and earned airplay both in Canada and New Zeeland (that we know of). Then in December 2012 we released “Frost” as a free downloadable singel and the response was amazing.


Demorian1In 2013 “Disco Diabolique” was released and in 2014/2015 “From Marduk To Gaia” saw the light.Disco Diabolique and From Marduk to Gaia was released both by Depressive Illusiions and Satanica.
2015 was a “slow” year for Demorian since both Satanic Tony and Alltears was working hard with various other projects such as Wintercold, Woe Is The Accursed Earth  (Satanic Tony) and Alltears (Alltears).

Line up 2015/2016:
Satanic Tony: Vocals and writing most of the lyrics.
AllTears: Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/programming and occasional screams, all song writing.

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