New review of Disco Diabolique

Demorian1Ok, this one is not flattering in any way but we think they missed the whole point of this release… it’s named “Disco Diabolique”… duh… :-) If you wish to read a more open minded review than METAL CORE ZINE‘s, go here or here or here…or anywhere!

DEMORIAN/Disco Diaboloque (Depressive Illusions) Well this wins the award for one of the worst, if not the worst releases of the year. The band/people use dance mix samples in this with some of the worst vocals this side on NJ. The music is just god awful metal and it isn’t even a style of metal it is shit metal and why the fuck would you use samples and dance beat samples!!! What in the fuck were you thinking? And 2 different labels released this…the other being Satanica Productions. Well in saying that, you both need your heads examined.

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