Soon Xmas!

sleeping-FlyerFor the last two years we have released a free download for xmas, this year will be no different! As you may have noticed over the years the free downloads have been “back to the roots” of Goth/Black/Death metal (2011 “Carenina” with the Hellavators, and “Frost” 2012, both still available in the downloadsection of this site). So why do it different this year! This year we have interpretred one of our old time favs, Tiamats Sleeping Beauty. This song is one of our absolute favourites over the years since it’s release! We just pray we do it justice in our interpretation… you decide…! ¬†We are in the final mixing stage and the release date is set to December 1:st 2013! The Download will feature of course “Sleeping Beauty” written by Tiamat and interpreted by Demorian, ¬†besides that a winter version of our song “A Magic Moment” from our latest release “Disco Diabolique”!

Once again we thank YOU for your support of the undergroundscene!
Don’t forget there are a lot of brilliant bands out there who needs your support!

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Guitarist, and songwriter in Demorian
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