New Free Download!

Demorian - Carenina - FrontIn the spirit of X-mas we now release the newest single “Carenina A Transylvanian Romance” as free download! This release features 2 versions of the song Carenina and has a special guest, Vincent Vega from The Hellavators on bass and mean leadguitar!
I would like to dedicate this song to Therese Nordin, the love of my life! Satanic Tony dedicates it to Malin Sundstrand, his wife!

About Alltears

Guitarist, and songwriter in Demorian
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  1. Tuzz ( Therese Nordin) says:

    This is very sweet of my love to give me as a morning present at cristmus, with love to Mikael Böhlin, the love of my life….

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